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A trip to somewhere relatively nearby is easier to organise than one further away, Pembroke College, Oxford, was a dream, we could go on the bus, keeping the cost of the trip down. Sadly for me, on the date of the trip, the 21 November, was the funeral a dear friend in Essex, so I couldn’t go and see the splendid art collection at Pembroke College. I am relying on others to provide photos and some text.
The trip was organised by Erik Burnett-Godfree, he had liaised with curator, Tatjana LeBoff, and so was able to fully take over the organisation on the day.

Looking at their website, it appears that the gallery is now closed until 2020, and opening times are Friday and Saturday afternoons. I have looked at the photos of their collection on their website, to try and identify the paintings photographed here, kindly sent by Marion

The first image has a Robert Colquhoun figure image next to a David Tindle head (cropped) both on the floor.

Above John Bratby depicting his wife, Jean Cooke, painting her from the rear.

This is ‘Lament 2, then the trouble came’ by Evelyn Williams (b 1929)

The last painting, the double portrait is by Jean Cooke, the wife of John Bratby.
There are more photos, and I’m sure someone will give me a bit more text and a few more photos.
Meanwhile I’m hoping to organise another visit to Pembroke College next year.
I have now found Sue’s photos, which give a different slant on the trip, and you can see some of the same paintings

 The gallery space looks lovely

 Erik with Tatjana LeBoff looking at paintings he asked to see

 It is of course more difficult to see pictures when they are not hanging on the wall!

 The John Bratby and Jean Cooke paintings from a different angle, I’d love to see them in the flesh

 And lastly a couple more photos of the gallery

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