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On the way in...

On the way in…

We were really excited to be attending the opening of the new exhibition of work by Eileen Cooper RA in the main gallery on Tuesday evening. Lots of people attended, the canapes were tasty, and the ‘Hide and Seek’ exhibition looks fabulous in the gallery. It was great to see so many people chatting to those they knew and meeting people they didn’t, a good networking opportunity.

I took a few photos of people rather than the exhibition, more on that in another blog post when people have had a chance to have a look for themselves.

Eileen Cooper will be coming to talk about this exhibition on May 12th at 7.30pm, and before that there will be a special social with Eileen for Friends from 6pm. You will need to book for both these events.

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Council Leader, David Renard talked about how pleased he was to see Eileen Cooper's exhibition in Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, with Erik B-G's ear and check shirt partly framing the picture.

Chair of the Trust formed to lead the bid for funding for the new museum and art gallery, Robert Hiscox, thrilled to welcome Eileen Copper and talking about the new museum and art gallery and what it will do for Swindon.

A great photo of Ray Ward

And the star of the evening, Eileen Cooper talking about the painting behind her among other things.

Eileen Cooper

In her drawings and new bronze sculptures Eileen Cooper RA figures interact in intimate, playful scenarios. Seen from the female view, her protagonists take centre stage in lucid images often inspired by mythological tales. Drawing is at the core of her practice, her fluid draughtmanship resonating in her painting, printmaking and recently in a series of sculptures.

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